White supremacy kills. It devastates our families and our communities.

Every person in America should be able to experience the freedom of feeling that they can live safely and securely, regardless of ethnicity or religious background.

But today, white supremacists and other hateful actors are actively and increasingly attacking immigrants, communities of color, and religious minorities — with impunity and right under the Trump administration’s watch.

The recent and horrific tragedies in El Paso, Charleston, Charlottesville, Oak Creek, Pittsburgh and Louisville, may each have targeted different communities, but they were all spurred by the same force: white supremacy.

Enough is Enough.

If people of conscience and morals do not defend the soul of our democracy, then who will?

If we do not stand up to hate and declare #whitesupremacykills, then who will defend our country’s ideals?

The Leadership Conference is working side-by-side to fight with full force against hate with all who want America to be as good as it can be -- for everyone.

Join us now in rejecting white supremacy.

Partner with us today to combat hate and protect the freedom of every American community.

Show your solidarity by signing our petition to demand that Trump puts an immediate stop to his racist rhetoric and policies.