Call your senators today and urge them to vote no on extremist judges!

Trump and Senate Republicans are stacking our federal courts with judges who are hostile to our civil and human rights. These individuals worked to: 


• suppress the votes of African Americans “with surgical precision, 

• led efforts to devastate the lives of Dreamers by claiming that programs like DACA “threaten to forever change the Nation’s constitutional foundation”

• called being transgender a “delusion” 

• and couldn’t even bring themselves to state that the groundbreaking, unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education was correctly decided. 


Of Trump’s 43 confirmed circuit court nominees, not a single one is African-American or Latinx. Not even one.


We deserve judges that will protect the rights of all people, not only those of us who are white, male, and conservative. 


We need judges who will protect our constitutional rights, not promote a white supremacist agenda. 


Call your senators now and remind them that they represent you too: Tell them you demand action to protect our courts and tell them to vote no on extremist nominees.